Introductory Lesson

Essentially, students meet with me initially to establish goals and I set up a schedule of tasks that the student must accomplish and we meet once a month to review these tasks.

Mostly the tasks involve studying specialized video clips I’ve make that focus on what the student must accomplish. We review these clips together in my on-line conference room and the student either downloads the clips or accesses them on-line whenever he/she wishes to look at them.

The student creates video clips where he/she demonstrates the kata/technique/drill I assigned. We then review the clip together during our monthly session. Additionally, each student creates a private “blog”, where these clips are stored and where the student records everything that we discuss during our meetings and during the course of the student’s daily workouts at home and/or with his/her partner. (I try to encourage all students to find a partner to work out with and participate with the course.)

I’ve been doing this for quite a while now and the results are excellent. I am able to grade up to brown belt (ikkyu) by myself and have conducted our first on-line tests for two candidates testing for shodan and their teacher, who tested for sandan. A test boards of five senior Uechi-ryu teachers participated. All three passed.. (I can host up to 50 people in the conference room, all viewing the same clips and talking together via microphones/headsets on their computers or using a land line.) Of course, for black belt rankings, I encourage candidates to attend SummerFest for their tests. (Note: The on-line test was very successful. The test board was amazed at how well the students performed and how the conference room technology enabled everyone to witness the test as well as if they were in the dojo.)

Let’s review what I call, the Mattson Academy On-line Dojo. . .

Currently, I am working with 36 hard working students from Europe, Canada and the United States. Each student has different and unique backgrounds. Some have had martial art experiences, some don’t.


1.            Each applicant must have access to an IBM (windows) machine which is best for the use of our unique conferencing program, although the program is Mac friendly. Cable internet is best for viewing video together. A camera is also essential along with the ability to send clips to me via the internet. (I use “Hightail” to receive and send large files/clips)

2. Applicants must participate in an “evaluation” session, where the details of the program are explained and demonstrated.

3. Applicants must create a personal Blog, where they will record their progress, training goals and other information gleaned from their sessions with me. (You will be assigned a private Google Apps workspace for this purpose)

4. Students must have access and skills necessary to film short 1 – 3 minute clips of their training, which will be emailed to me for review.(You can send clips to me using my “Hightail” program.

5. Students must commit to a schedule of training, necessary to achieve their goals of learning the lessons needed for timely advancement.

6. Students must commit to a monthly private on-line session with me, where old lessons are reviewed and new lessons assigned.

7. Although you can progress through the program by yourself, the best results will be gained by having a 2nd person working with you. You can learn the drills and self-defense techniques by yourself, but a partner adds a sense of realism to the practice.

8. The instructions for installing and loading the program are pretty simple.  To access the Mattson Academy Room,  members click on the link sent to them, along with the dojo’s password.

9. When I see your name in the room, I’ll phone you.

(Don’t forget to send me the telephone number you will be using)

10. Once you become a member, you will be sent a complete package with all the information needed to begin your program.

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Take a personal, guided tour of the Mattson Academy’s Virtual Dojo, with George Mattson, Sensei. Around 20 minutes. Only $29. Click the “Buy Now” button and Mattson Sensei will contact you to set up your session at a time convenient to you.  If, after the tour, you wish to join the Mattson Academy, select one of the programs below.

*Gold Membership fee: $39 a month –  All benefits except personal on-line lessons.

**On-line meetings with Mattson Sensei by appointment for Gold Memberships – $49

*Platinum Membership fee: $73 a month – All benefits plus a monthly, personal class with Mattson sensei.

***Family or Team memberships – where family or team train together – Check with Mattson Sensei.