Training Area

Your Training Workspace

The “heart” of your personal training with me, is your private workout site. This is where your training blog is located, where you access video clips for training from my private library and where you can access numberous articles and newsletters from my document library.

I will take you on a tour of the test site that I’ve created and will show you how the many features of your workspace can be created and edited. You will be issued a new google e-mail account that you can use exclusively for your training purposes or for communicating with friends and relatives.

You will be sent an invitation to register, in order to receive instruction and password (which you can change) needed to open your workspace, calendar, blog and other features.

You will be able to communicate in many ways with me – e-mail, documents, Yugma, Skype or telephone.

You will also have a private media room, where you can easily upload video clips (under 300 meg) containing “components” and “techniques” of your Uechi program that I will be requesting as part of our monthly private lesson.

As a followup to our lessons, you will be required to upload new video clips with any suggested corrections. When received, I will respond by “comments” to your blog entry. (I’ll explain how this works in your introductory tour)