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Rank Course Material

There are 10 levels (Kyu) before the Black Belt (Dan) ranks. Each course is designed to lead you through your Uechi-ryu practice following this ranking system.
As you progress in your study, you will move to the next level course. To access a course, click on the rank below (password required).

Kyukyu (9° Kyu) Introductory Course
Rokkyu (6° Kyu)
Sankyu (3° Kyu)
Shodan (1° Dan)
Hachikyu (8° Kyu)
Gokyu (5° Kyu)
Nikkyu (2° Kyu)
Nidan (2° Dan)
Sichikyu (7° Kyu)
Yonkyu (4° Kyu)
Ikkyu (1° Kyu)

Successful Training Program

The foundation of the Mattson Academy online program is a video course curriculum based on the Kyu and Dan rank requirements. The program is a self-directed learning process where student’s progress is closely monitored through the student blog, regular video/email progress checks and live online coaching for Platinum members.

The method for utilizing these video courses and my help are as follows:

  1. Working with me means understanding and mastery of the training elements found in our Uechi-ryu system.
  2. Our students have a wide-range of Uechi-ryu/martial arts experience ranging from none to many years. However, all must go through the system basics, or “core” system methods. This is the purpose of the Introductory Course which is required for all new students regardless of their experience level.
  3. After completion of the Introductory Course, the subsequent course material consists of a library of videos to teach the student new kata, pre-arranged kumite and techniques required to meet the course rank requirements and to incrementally advance the student’s practice of Uechi-ryu karate. In some cases, material previously covered in an earlier course will be presented again, but from a different perspective or tohelp the development of the student’s interpretation. The challenge for the student is to learn and practice new material, while continuing to practice and perfect previously learned material.
  4. I recommend that the student focus on one new topic (kata, kumite, drill) at a time when beginning a new course. Upon completion of the video lesson(s) on the new topic, practice what you have learned until you are able to perform the sequence of movements without the need to refer back to the video. Then video yourself performing this new topic and send this video clip to me for review. After I receive and evaluate your video, I’ll send you back by e-mail any suggestions for improvement. If more work is recommended, I may request that you film another clip after working on the suggested modifications.
  5. While learning new material, the student needs to continue to practice previously learned material. This is best done by taking an organized approach to your Uechi-ryu workouts and tracking your workouts in your personal blog and workout registry. Also, I suggest that you include the pre-recorded rank-based classes, participate in the weekly live (or recorded) online class, and incorporate the UMRT video series classes into your regular training.
  6. Besides working with you through email and your blog, if you are a Platinum member we will meet monthly on-line, where video clips are reviewed and critiqued.

Good luck with your sessions; and I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,
George E. Mattson

How to Organize Your Workouts

Training by yourself? . . . No question that working out by yourself is difficult. There are so many other things that you could be doing. . . so many TV shows to watch – movies to enjoy – projects to work on! Been there – done that myself! How to establish a successful workout program! First, you must schedule time for your workout.

I recommend that your Uechi-ryu practice become the center of your training and utilize supplemental training and exercise to complement your Uechi study. This is essential to achieve a high level of performance as a Uechi-ryu karate-ka. Whether you attend a dojo class or not – discipline yourself to work out on your own at least three times a week. In Uechi-ryu, this time is essential for working on important elements of your training that doesn’t get covered elsewhere. Establish your workout priorities in a way that makes sense and works for you. Remember that the underlying principle of our Uechi-ryu practice is to turn the self-defense movements of the Uechi-ryu system into muscle memory so that our mental and physical reactions to a stressful situation are instinctive. This requires many repetitions and continuous improvement of the Uechi-ryu movements.

The goal of your workouts should be to complete a segment of your overall goal each workout. Depending on how much time you have, material known and your physical condition, you can perform all of the material or break down your weekly workout into several parts. Your goal should be to establish a workable, reasonable (for you) schedule that you complete every week. Your goals and workout plan will also depend on where you are in your Uechi-ryu study. A student new to Uechi-ryu will need to learn new material while practicing newly acquired skills. Whereas, a senior student who knows all of the techniques of the Uechi-ryu system trains to more deeply understand the movements and perform them at the highest level.

The first step, regardless of where you are in your Uechi-ryu study is to use your personal website to record your workout “goals”. Start off with a simple and easily accomplished program. Succeed with a simple program for the first three months. If you are successful and are enjoying the workouts and want to add material, do so gradually. Remember. . . You are more likely to stop training completely if you can’t/don’t achieve your initial workout goals.

For a newer student the goal may be to learn the movements that make up a particular kata or kumite; or to achieve the requirements for a specific rank. An advanced student may take the approach to focus on kata for the first month, conditioning the second month; a kumite and bunkai the third month.

A general approach to practicing any kata might be structured in this way:

  • Practice your first kata in slow motion and soft while maintaining perfect balance, timing and the postural elements we strive for. Use this kata to work on clearing/emptying your mind – become aware of your movements and strive for overall balance and accuracy in all movements.
  • Work on your second kata stressing a balanced outer tension while maintaining inner softness. Work on timing your soft Uechi breathing with movement. Make sure your movements, which are hard/soft, to an outsider would look no different than your first performance of the kata. This is the “balance” you are looking for.
  • Finally, practice your third kata, experimenting with full speed performance. Build up the speed gradually, not exceeding the point where you cannot maintain balance, timing and breathing accuracy during your movements.

Workouts should follow a logical pattern and schedule. They should be varied enough to be both interesting and challenging.
As you progress in your training, I am happy to work with you to help set reasonable goals and a workout plan.


The Mattson Academy of Uechi-ryu Karate Online is an approved and certified dojo, under the guidance of George E. Mattson. He is responsible for your training and responsible for your adhering to the standards of IUKF.

Under a 2015 ruling by the IUKF Board of Advisors and the Dan-Rank Promotional Guideline Review Board, the Mattson Academy members have the same benefits, recognition and standing as a member of any physical dojo, providing:

  1. The member honestly and accurately records all workouts in their Workout Registry and a printout of this record accompanies all rank submissions by Mattson.
  2. The member is an active member of the Mattson Academy, just as he/she would be in a physical dojo and follows the guidelines Mattson requires for his dojo members.
  3. Members of the Mattson Academy must also record an accurate and honest summary records of weekly workouts as Mattson requires. This record does not have to be included in any application for promotion.

Promotion to Kyu Ranks:

  1. Each course defines the requirements for achieving the course rank.
  2. Record the number of workouts you had, that were at least 30 minutes in length and included exercises and components related to the earning of your next rank.
  3. As you learn and practice the material in each course you will exchange videos to receive feedback on your techniques.
  4. One you have achieved the level of competence with the course rank material the Chief Instructor and Senior Instructor will promote you to that rank and forward the link and password to the next course rank material.

Promotion to Dan Ranks:

  1. Promotion to the ranks of Shodan through Godan are the responsibility of the Dojo Owner/Chief Instructor. A designated IUKF Board will oversee the Dan test and make recommendations to the Dojo owner/Chief Instructor.
  2. Promotion to master ranks (Rokkudan through Judan) are the responsibility of the IUKF with a recommendation from the Dojo Owner/Chief Instructor
  3. Review the requirements of your next rank in the “Black Belt Test Guide”, available in paperback at the store. Also available in digital form as part of your IUKF membership kit.
  4. When you have reached the minimum number of workouts for a black belt rank, contact your instructor to review what might be needed to qualify you for testing.
  5. When your instructor says you are ready, fill out and submit an application to the International Black Belt Test Administrator, found on the website.
  6. You will receive approval to proceed from the Administrator along with instructions to your instructor.
Course Gold membership Platinum Membership
Introductory course & test X X
Summary review of video-taped assignments 2x per month by email 4x per month by e-mail
Weekly GemTips & Newsletters X X
Detailed review of Assignments 1x per month by e-mail 4x per month by e-mail
Private Website w/workout Blog X X
Remote Kyu rank testing X X
Live on-line Workouts X X
Black Belt Virtual Testing-meeting IUKF requirements X X
Monthly live online coaching sessions N/A X