Virtual Dojo

Back in the mid 90s I got the idea that our karate association should communicate with our members more often and decided to publish a monthly video newsletter and mail it out to subscribers. Obviously this was before Facebook and way before the internet was something everyone could access. I purchased a very expensive, state of the art video editing machine, a $3000 brand new “hand held” video camera and began cranking out video newsletters.

Although the lessons are serious business, I teach in a rather informal manner. My uniforms are reserved for special occasions, like demonstrations, seminars, promotions or when I visit other dojo. You can wear anything you wish when filming video clips for review. . . but the baggier the outfit, the harder it is for me to see the technique, form and applications.

Lessons for student and instructors (Read article written by one of my first “Virtual” dojo students) Lessons are geared towards your specific goals. If you are working on your teaching certificate (Shihan), I’ll focus more on accuracy of technique and your understanding of what you are doing.

If you are simply doing karate for self-defense purposes, our lessons will stress applications, mindset and conditioning. Although your membership fee is primarily for the time I spend with you on-line, you will find that I spend considerable more time working with you via e-mail, newsletters and shared video instructional clips. I get a kick out of seeing my students advance and will help you in any way possible to help you achieve your goals. In our first session we will discuss your goals and the best way for you to successfully acheive them. I will help you plan out a training program and a method for me to monitor your progress. An important component to this program is your private training blog.

Discipline yourself to update this document on a daily basis. I will monitor your training record and will make suggestions where appropriate. Your workspace is your private dojo. There are many tools available for you to use. . . not only for your karate training, but in your daily life. Your access to the program is limited to your private workspace/dojo. You can’t cause a problem with the rest of the site by experimenting with your dojo, so don’t be afraid to experiment with its look, feel or features.

I’m looking forward to working with you. Good luck with your training and remember the secret to the mastery of Uechi-ryu karate. . . . “practice, practice and practice!”

George E. Mattson
10th dan, Hanshi Uechi-ryu Karate

Take a personal, guided tour of the Mattson Academy’s Virtual Dojo, with George Mattson, Sensei. Around 20 minutes. Only $29. Click the “Buy Now” button and Mattson Sensei will contact you to set up your session at a time convenient to you.  If, after the tour, you wish to join the Mattson Academy, select one of the programs below.

*Gold Membership fee: $39 a month –  All benefits except personal on-line lessons.

**On-line meetings with Mattson Sensei by appointment for Gold Memberships – $49

*Platinum Membership fee: $73 a month – All benefits plus a monthly, personal class with Mattson sensei.

***Family or Team memberships – where family or team train together – Check with Mattson Sensei.