George E. Mattson, Okinawa dojo in 1957
George E. Mattson, Okinawa dojo in 1957
Grandmasters Kanei Uechi and Ryuko Tomoyose
Grandmasters Kanei Uechi and Ryuko Tomoyose

 “The Old Way” by Grandmaster George E. Mattson, 10-Dan

What a great time to take the opportunity to learn what I believe to be a whole new approach to Uechi-ryu and path to understanding the not fully understood phrase. . . “All is in Sanchin”!

I have been studying, practicing, and teaching this fascinating fighting system since 1958, when I established the first Mattson Academy in Boston, after returning home from a two-year tour on the Island of Okinawa, where I studied Uechi-ryu karate from Grand Master Ryuko Tomoyose and Grand Master Kanei Uechi.

Tomoyose Sensei always talked about how Shushiwa taught Kanbun Uechi in China and related it to how he would have liked to have taught me, had I been able to stay on Okinawa for many years and if I had the patience it took to endure this “Old Way” of learning Uechi-ryu.

I understood that the “Old Way” was not very exciting and certainly would not be a method that I could introduce to the West, especially since it wasn’t even practiced on Okinawa. Because of this, the “Old Way” remained in hiding for over 50 years.

It was not until 2019 did I create a program that successfully taught what I call “body flow” that sort of reverse-engineers body movement, maximizes energy, power, speed, and timing into a combined “body flow” in an amazingly effective, fast, and simple way. . . in a 12-week program.

For new students, at the end of the Old Way course, you will have learned the primary kata Sanchin and the “body flow” used throughout the system. For experienced students, you will have learned the way to bring your Uechi-ryu practice to the next level.  In addition, you will understand how “All is in Sanchin!”

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