Why choose The Mattson Academy of Uechi-ryu Karate?

Begin your practice of Uechi-ryu karate for self-defense and exercise using video courses and online coaching from Grandmaster George E. Mattson.

Sensei Mattson has over 60 years of experience teaching Okinawan Uechi-ryu Karate in America; and 20 years teaching online to students all over the world.

Located in Mount Dora, Florida, USA, Sensei Mattson also teaches groups and individuals at the Shubukan dojo.  He hosts the SummerFest in New Hampshire, USA and WinterFest in Florida, USA, where masters and students from all over the world come to share martial arts knowledge.

Take this opportunity to learn with one of the most experienced teachers of Uechi-ryu Karate in the world.

What is Uechi-ryu Karate?

Your Time

Schedule your training moments in the hours that are most comfortable for you

Your Place

Train from any location,
even when traveling!

Let Sensei guide you

Send sensei your videos for review.

Classes Anywhere, Anytime.

Join the Mattson Academy and train with Grandmaster George E. Mattson on a regular basis.  Train at home by yourself, with your family or a group of practitioners.  How much you train is up to you and will be based on the goals you set.

  • Online kyu and dan rank video courses
  • Video coaching sessions
  • Live online classes
  • Regular feedback on progress

If you belong to a dojo and have a teacher, Mattson sensei will act in the capacity of a “coach”. He will help you create and achieve your martial art goals, supplementing your regular “in-dojo” experiences. If you do not have a teacher, he will be your sensei and will guide you through your martial art studies as he has with thousands of his current and past students. . . many who now run their own successful dojos.

Teachers and dojo owners can easily organize a seminar on a specific topic in your dojo with Sensei Mattson.

  • Real-time instruction
  • Support videos
  • Q & A

Sensei Mattson coaching philosophy

Testing for Rank Endorsed by the International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation (IUKF)

As you study, train and learn with Sensei Mattson, you will test for different ranks online. We use the classical 10-kyu rank system with white, green, and brown belts for beginners and intermediate students.

Members of the academy who qualify for advanced rank, will be tested on-line through an innovative system created by Sensei Mattson and successfully used to test many senior black belts and senior teachers within the system.  The International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation (IUKF) has implemented with Mattson, an effective “pre-testing” method of working with prospective black belt candidates that is considered to be one of the best and fairest testing methods

The Old Way

Sanchin The Old Way

Sanchin is the first kata of Uechi-ryu karate; and the most important.  Meaning “three conflicts”, Sanchin develops the student’s body, mind, and spirit.  Start the learning of Sanchin using a traditional approach, just as it was taught in China.

We offer a 12-week program called “The Old Way” that anyone can take. No prior knowledge is required.  The Old Way complements the new student’s early practice of Uechi-ryu and elevates the practice of senior-ranked practitioners.

Learn Sanchin with Shushiwa's method

Learn about the history of Uechi-ryu Karate

Try a Month of Our Program

One-Month Introductory Course

Find out if Sensei Mattson’s unique coaching system will help you achieve your martial art’s goals.

Try George E. Mattson’s Uechi-ryu Coaching system – Special – Only $39.00

With this offer you receive

  • Introductory Course and Assignments.
  • Training in recording and posting recorded videos.
  • Detailed email review of video-recorded assignments.
  • Email progress check.

Monthly Subscriptions

Membership Options Summary

Course 30 Days Trial Gold Membership Platinum Membership
Introductory course & test Yes Yes Yes
Detailed review of video-taped assignments Yes 2x per month by email 4x per month by email
Monthly live online coaching sessions No No Yes
Kyu rank virtual testing No Yes Yes
Live on-line Workouts (1) No Yes Yes
Access to supplemental training, newsletters, seminars, etc. (2) No Yes Yes
Online workout journal, goals, & registry No Yes Yes
Black Belt virtual testing meeting IUKF requirements No Yes Yes

Note (1) after promotion to Hachikyu

Note (2) access after 90 days membership

Gold Membership

All Member Benefits
Email-based review sessions

Fee $39 per month

Platinum Membership

All Member Benefits

Live video-based
review sessions

Fee $73 per month

Personal Session

Additional personal meetings for Gold and Platinum members

Fee $49 per session

Group Class

Online class about different topics, with special content, drills and online questions

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Some of our books

Sensei George Mattson is the author of many Uechi Ryu Books and DVDs. You can find them in our Store.