For many years, I have been practicing and teaching Uechi-Ryu in Argentina.   In my own country, we have always recognized Sensei Mattson as one of the great exponents of our style, which is why I obtained his books and always follow his on-line publications.  Accordingly, I decided to try out his Virtual Dojo program, and I must say that it really pleased and surprised me greatly!!  I discovered that it contains more information than what I had expected, and much well-backed material.

I believe that one of Sensei George Mattson’s greatest contributions is his capacity to produce a consistent method based on The Old Way, and his exceptional ability to explain the why’s of each exercise and of each movement.  His way of teaching is quite easy to assimilate, and I find that it works very well with my own students!

We, in the Western world, have a need to address Karate studies in a slightly different manner than Oriental folks; we have a more intellectual approach.  We achieve better teaching results by learning to delve deeply into the study of small parts of our style, whether it be a position, the muscles involved in a blow, the way we breath, or a fragment of a kata.  Sensei Mattson’s approach not only helps us improve our personal practice, but also improves our ability to transmit knowledge and expertise.

For me this has been a watershed experience; a “before and after”.   Sensei Mattson’s program, together with the WinterFest, were two experiences that very much helped me to shape and improve my own Karate.