I’ve put together this video to help students develop a healthful, rythmatic and dependable method of breathing that you can learn, practice and use during training and during any stressful period. Learning movements, techniques and fighting skills requires practice to work when needed. Why would you not devote the same importance to breathing, which is an important element of your overall training. You want your breathing to “kick-in” when you need it the most. Remember. . . “What your practice is what will happen when you need it!”

Your breathing habits at rest, during exercise and during stress will, of course, vary. During the 12 week course, there should be no stress or what might be called “exercise”. Your body is as close to a restful posture as possible and all breathing takes place through your nose, including your Uechi breathing.

In your bonus courses, you will be performing kata at three speeds, increasing the “exercise” component of your training. It is my recommendation that you use your breathe-needs as a gauge for determining when to slow-down. As you continue to practice and train, use nose breathing to gauge when you have reached a point where you need to slow down, to regain the Motion Flow learned during your 12 week course.

As you build strength gradually, your need to mouth-breathe lessens, which should be the goal of your training. The stronger and healthier you get, the better prepared to deal with stressful situations improve.