Rank Course Material

There are 10 levels (Kyu) before the Black Belt (Dan) ranks. Each course is designed to lead you through your Uechi-ryu practice following this ranking system.
As you progress in your study, you will move to the next level course. To access a course, click on the rank below (password required).

Kyukyu (9° Kyu) Introductory Course
Gokyu (5° Kyu)
Ikkyu (1° Kyu)
Hachikyu (8° Kyu)
Yonkyu (4° Kyu)
Shodan (1° Dan)
Sichikyu (7° Kyu)
Sankyu (3° Kyu)
Nidan (2° Dan)
Rokkyu (6° Kyu)
Nikkyu (2° Kyu)