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Congratulations on completing week one of the “Old Way” training.

I hope the 15 minutes tired you body and especially your arms so movements changed from muscle tension turned into soft and smooth “flow”. Most new karate students’ attention is focused on tense and hard pushing and pulling of body parts. Week one, if followed correctly and accurately, will present another perspective to movement. You won’t completely understand this yet, but you haven’t sacraficed anything by allowing your body to perform movements in the most efficient and effective manner possible. As your progress through the rest of the program, you body will naturally integrate the different movements that comprise Sanchin. This is the object of the “Old Way” of training.

Now. . . it is your decision as to whether you are ready to move on to week two or if you wish to spend more time on week one. If you wish to be taken to week two, make sure you marked as “Complete” all topics inside Week 1 and the Lesson itself, and that 7 days has passed by since you enrolled this course.

George Mattson